'Bald Eagle in Flight'

limited edition bronze



Bald Eagle in Flight


82" high (240cm)  x 42" wide (110 cm)


A new bronze version of the 'Bald Eagle in Flight ' sculpture is shortly to become available with a limited edition of 9 bronze castings worldwide.

Various options for Patina are available from the traditional one colour 'bronze' patina to the realistic Bald eagle coloured version shown here; 

Please contact us for availability and delivery times; either overland or by airfreight 

  19,470  GBP

Prices shown include packing and delivery in the UK



'Bald Eagle in Flight' Sculpture master copy from which the bronze casting will be taken 

( 96 inches high )

To show the fine detail of the sculpture 

please click image to enlarge


All measurements are approximate



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Ian G Brennan