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Bronze Wildlife sculpture and woodcarvings by Ian G Brennan :

Sculptor Ian G Brennan, specialises in detailed Wildlife woodcarvings and bronze sculpture. Ian's Wildlife sculpture are produced either as a one-off or in a limited edition.. Each sculpture is signed by the Artist and has its own unique edition number. Ian's sculptures range from 3 inches to over 120 inches high, and are produced in silver, bronze and are often carved from a single piece of hard wood.  All are all produced with the same skill and care whether the client is a private individual corporation or indeed one of Ian's latest commissions for the British Royal Household.


Osprey catching a Pike  -  Leaping Panther  -  Swimming Otter  -  Swan protecting her cygnets

66" high x 24" wide     -     45" Long  x 37" High      -    43" high x 17" wide   -     27" high x  34" wide


All four of these bronze sculptures shown above, were originally carved from a single piece of hard wood, moulded and then cast in bronze.


Ian G Brennan first became a professional wood carver in 1984 and later in 1996 also started to produce his sculptures in bronze.  Ian's first exhibition was in Mayfair, London and then began exhibiting his realistic wood carvings and bronze sculpture widely throughout the UK. During the past decade however Ian has been working mostly to commission therefore such exhibitions in art galleries are today a rather rare event  

Although today Ian rarely exhibits in private art galleries, the unique collection of wood carvings and bronze sculpture he has managed to put together over the years have been exhibited almost exclusively in somewhat more formal surroundings, which have included Museums; The Queens Room on-board the Cunard Liner the Queen Elizabeth 2;  Burlington House; Home of the Royal Academy of Arts and also within the historic Royal setting of St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.




27" high x  34" wide

When appropriate Ian often produces the original 'master copy' for his bronze sculptures carved directly from wood, which is then carefully moulded, produced in wax and then cast in bronze and occasionally silver. Once the moulding process is complete the original woodcarving can then be polished and retained as a unique sculpture. Being able to retain the master copy is unlike the normal method of working where the master copy are usually produced directly from clay or wax which is then often destroyed during the moulding process at the foundry, which includes one of these unique woodcarving 'master copies' and former exhibition centre piece the lime wood carving of the 'Swan protecting her cygnets'. The bronze version of this Swan sculpture is shown above.



Outlined here is a small example of Ian's early and more recent bronze and silver wildlife sculpture and woodcarvings, sizes range from 3 inches to 96 inches high;


Lioness caching a Zebra    - Silver                       Bald Eagle in Flight - Bronze

3 inches high                                                               96 inches high

  for details and stage photographs of  the Bald Eagle sculpture from the tree to the completed sculpture; please click  here



lick to enlarge

'Bald Eagle in Flight' Sculpture carved from within the trunk of a 150 year old Lime tree 

( 96 inches high )

click image to enlarge




Leaping Panther - Walnut   -  Carved in Walnut cast in Bronze   

  Leaping Panther

45" long  x 37" high  x 7. 5" wide  

Leaping Panther -Walnut



-Swimming Otter


 43" high x 17" wide



 Osprey Sculpture carved in wood and cast in Bronze


'Osprey catching a Pike'


66 inches  (188cm) high 

for stage photographs how the Osprey was produced in wood and bronze - please click here 



Pair of Otters - Walnut and Tulip Wood 
 47 inches high ( 120 cm )


 'Lynx Catching a Hare' sculpture carved from Cedar Wood

48 inches long (120cm)

(early sculpture)   



Swan and Cygnets sculpture


34 inches wide (87cm)      27 inches high (89cm)



Swimming Otter


10 inches (25cm) high

various options of bronze patina available


 A Pair of Bronze Eagles

15 inches high (38cm)...........................................................................12 inches high (31cm)




'Running Tiger'

Bleached and stained lime wood  -  26 inches ( 65 cm ) Long

(master copy for a bronze limited edition sculpture)




lick for more info  


Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle Lectern/Podium

Brass &  Bronze  -   21" ( 54 cm) high x  29" ( 70 cm) wide    Silver & Bronze  -  12 inches (31 cm)  high     



Early carved cedar wood bas-relief panels  -   40 inches  and 30 inches high




Golden Eagle - Cedar Wood....................................Cheetah - Cedar Wood 

39 inches wide...................................................................................38 inches long





Tawny Owl carved within a willow log ------- Baby Chimpanzee-- Elm Wood

30 inches high ( 75 cm )                        14 inches high  ( 35 cm ) 



Sea Otter feeding - Walnut

35 inches long (89cm) 




Life size Osprey catching a Trout - lime wood





    painted bronze    -     natural bronze patina

Bald Eagle

'By The Dawns Early Light'

11 inches ( 27 cm ) high


Sea otter feeding - bronze     -     Eagle in flight; wall mounted bronze

20 inches long  (51cm)                                22 inches wide ( 60 cm )




Elephant with Calf 


 8 inches long (20cm)

( Ian's first bronze sculpture )


Leopard in a Tree


20 inches (51 cm) high



Bald Eagle in Flight


 bleached and stained lime wood

96 inches ( 244cm ) wide



Wild Badgers, Foxes, Squirrels and Deer are regular visitors to Ian's studio in Southern England. 

These visits by the local wildlife often whilst he is working, are a constant source of inspiration especially if he is working as it gives him a rather unique opportunity of being able to study the wildlife close at hand.




For further information regarding Ian's limited edition wildlife bronze sculptures or details about commissioning an individual woodcarving or bronze sculpture;
please contact : Ian G Brennan 




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